Professional Standards in Direct Selling

Professional standards in direct selling aim to ensure that companies work fairly side by side. The German DSA’s professional standards are guidelines for fair market conduct, that not only guarantee protection against dubious business practices: top priority is also given to customer and staff satisfaction.

The members of the German DSA drew up a codex for self-regulation as early as 1980, undertaking to adhere to it strictly in the interests of all its customers. The current professional standards are based on the European Codex for the Direct Selling Industry. They were unanimously adopted by the members of the German DSA in April 1996, replacing the rules on fair trading that had been in force until then.

They oblige the members of the German DSA to ensure fair and honest dealings with consumers, field staff and competitors alike. This obligation includes in particular:

  • acting fairly when preparing, concluding or performing contracts
  • granting cancellation rights beyond those laid down by law
  • dealing correctly and honestly with field staff

The Supervisory Board supervises and monitors compliance with the professional standards.