Committees & Working Groups

The committees and working groups of the association provide the member companies with a platform to exchange information and experience about various subjects related to direct selling. 

PR Committee

The PR Committee assists and advises the German DSA by giving the public information about all aspects of direct selling. It organises talks with journalists and other multipliers, develops concepts, and assists the DSA when it is carrying out PR projects. 

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee is made up of in-house lawyers from the bigger members of the German DSA. It discusses the latest national and European legislation as well as relevant court rulings affecting direct selling, and issues recommendations to member companies.

Direct Selling & the Internet

The Internet is an issue of huge relevance to the companies belonging to the German DSA. This work group aims to provide a platform for exchanging information, and to draft Internet-related content as seen from the point of view of direct selling. Continuous cooperation and good internal communications aim to ensure that synergy effects are achieved. 

Working Group on Managers and Further Training, Field Service

This committee is a forum for discussing and exchanging ideas about sales staff at management level, e.g. staff recruitment, developing executive staff, motivation, and conflict management and further education. Direct selling depends absolutely on its field staff. As the very pillars of its success, excellent field staff is decisive for achieving customer satisfaction and positive business results in the long-term. This calls for identification with the respective business and its products, and this is why staff policy in direct selling operations is of strategic significance, on par with the business’ product or financial policy. 

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

Business at trade fairs is a vital outlet for many firms belonging to the DSA. This particular work group is a forum for exchanging information and for keeping in touch with leading trade-fair organisers.