Aims & Activities

The German DSA promotes the interests of the marketing channel that its members share:

  • by providing widespread information about direct selling
  • by representing the interests of the German DSA at European level
  • by providing a forum for its members where they can exchange information and experience about various aspects of direct selling
  • by providing the support required for setting up a sales organisation, in particular legal assistance
  • by supplying its members with updated information on current affairs of interest in direct selling
  • by supervising and enforcing compliance with the DSA’s professional codex. These voluntary rules governing competition set high standards for sales representatives’ behaviour towards consumers, and afford protection for field staff at the same time.
  • by having representative surveys of direct selling conducted
  • by cooperating with institutions of higher education on scientific projects
  • by issuing various publications on direct selling, e.g. The Direct Selling Bulletin
  • by promoting the professional image of direct selling advisors (certificate courses)
  • by encouraging independent sales organisations to cooperate with other associations having similar interests
  • by conducting campaigns and organising a job market-place for those working in direct selling